John E. Bishop, Sr.

Shortly after college, Mr. John Bishop moved to New Orleans, La., where he went to work in the oil industry. In 1962, he resigned from his mid-management position with a major company and founded Allied Specialty Chemical Company and began to manufacture and market specialty chemicals to the oil and related service industries.

In 1968, he sold his Company and began to research a metallurgical fact he discovered while doing a research project for one of his major customers. What got his attention was the statement made by metallurgical experts, that

"95 % of all mechanical failure is directly related to friction and friction related heat".

Subsequently, after several years of research, he was able to perfect and develop a proprietary lubrication and metal treating concept, known as Permafused Lubrication  (PfL)TM . All types of industry and millions of individuals from around the world have benefited from using his unique products over the past twenty plus years.

In 1975, he and his family moved to Texas and established a manufacturing facility. He then began to market his products to industry and the automotive after-market. After having only limited success marketing to and through the retail automotive after-market, he decided to establish a separate marketing company aimed at marketing directly  to individual customers.

In 1978, after spending more than a year looking for qualified management for the new marketing company, Mr. Bishop founded and retained a 25% interest in Petrolon, Inc. Petrolon purchased, on an OEM basis, a few products from his solely-owned manufacturing company, top market direct to the consumer, via a multi-level marketing concept, under the trade name  Slick-50 TM and Tef-Coat 2 TM. To help sell the concept of this new product going to consumers, Teflon was added only to help sell the concept.   However, it opened a virtual Pandora's box. His partners, believing that this (Teflon) was the "secret ingredient", decided to go on and market this new product under the same "Slick 50" label, after a back injury stopped Mr. Bishop from being able to work for nearly two years.  Unfortunately, this new product, being Teflon based, had severe detrimental effects on engines as well as other working parts it was placed in.   Therefore, Mr. Bishop terminated his relationship and discontinued supplying products to Petrolon in 1984.

Over the years, Mr. Bishop's products have been used and endorsed by several well-known professional racing teams, such as Newman-Haas, Layton-House March, All American Racing and many others. His unique products have also been used and endorsed by several champion race drivers, such as Dan Gurney, Freddy Spencer and Mario Andretti, to name just a few. Also, Mr. Bishop's manufacturing company helped to establish Grand Prix Racing in the United States. For example, he sponsored the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1979, which was broadcast live over ABC Wide World of Sports. However, he sold his sponsorship contract to Toyota, who continues to sponsor the event.

Mr. Bishop's company is now expanding again with the introduction of a new private label XcelPlus™