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Oil Analysis


A good way to measure what is going on in the engine or in machinery is to use oil analysis.


Other engine enhancing products


Air Filters (Foam)

Unifilter http://www.uniflow.com.au

  • Filters particles down to 4 microns (~8x smaller): compared to 30 microns for paper filters

  • Decreases silicon (dirt) in your oil by ~50%... which means roughly a 100% increase in engine life.

  • Is ~24% less restrictive (flows more)

  • Is re-usable

  • Is ideal for the VERY worst muddy, dirty and dusty environments (it keeps working and doesn't clog)

  • Needs very little maintenance (keeps working even if you don't clean it)

N.B. Unifilter air filters performed better than all other filters tested (including foam) e.g. Unifilter filter oil remained distributed throughout the filter no matter how long we left the filter in and didn't turn to grease after prolonged use. They also removed significantly more dirt than some other foam filters.

Have a look at how much better foam filters can be compared to paper or gauze:


Oil Filters

Trasko http://www.trasko-usa.com

  • Filters particles ~400 times smaller than a paper filter: Normal filters filter down to 25-40 microns and Trasko filters filter to ~1/10 micron.

  • Improves cooling

  • Is re-usable

  • Increases engine life

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers says that:

  • Filtering down to 30 microns reduces engine wear by 50%

  • Filtering to 15 microns reduces wear by 70%

  • Controlling engine contaminants in the range 2-22 microns is necessary for controlling engine wear


Spark Plugs (Iridium)

NGK http://www.ngkspark.com.au/pages/bulletins/T01-7.htm

  • Iridium plugs last around 100,000kms compared to 10-40,000 Kms for conventional plugs.

  • They usually do not need re-gapping.

  • They burn more efficiently.

  • In air cooled singles that suffer from pre-ignition they reduce or eliminate knocking.

  • In dirty engines they help keep the plugs cleaner (the engine will run better)

Fuel Catalysts

Fitch  http://www.fitchcatalyst.com.au/

  • Work by boosting the fuel octane (more power)

  • Improve fuel efficiency

  • Reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi (extremophiles)

  • Stop fuel from going off (easier starting)

  • Are a one time purchase

Petrol filters (Sintered metal)

We recommend sintered metal petrol filters (no particular brand). They:

  • Stop motorcycle carburettors from filling up with fine particles (which go through every other filter we tried)

  • Are reverse flushable: in case you happen to be on the side of the road and want to get going without a trip to the shop

  • Do not impede the flow of petrol until very dirty

  • Usually come in a clear case: it's very easy to see if they're dirty

  • Trap water very effectively


Diesel injectors


  • High pressure injectors (~125,000psi v's ~15,000psi normal)

  • Increased power ~30%

  • Increased economy ~30%

  • Decreased emissions ~30%

  • No external compressor (integrated into the injector)

  • Roughly the size of a cigar

  • Decreased cost

  • Decreased weight

  • Long service life

  • Australian invention (Geelong)




A conversion that lets you run up to 100% alcohol in your engine.

Also tells you how to make your own alcohol fuel.

Nb. Alcohol does not provide good lubrication and may cause corrosion in some systems: Xcelplus is ideal for use with such fuels as it provides additional lubrication and protection against corrosion.